The prospective participants often imagine teambuilding as an adrenaline-filled event that will make them bond but also will exhaust them. Teambuilding can however have many faces. In Benchmark, we first thoroughly study your assignment and examine the current atmosphere in the team that is to participate in the teambuilding.

Only then we choose the particular form of teambuilding:

  • Fun Event for teams that should be rewarded for their hard work. The participants can relax, enjoy fun activities such as e.g. kin-ball, and can get to know each other outside of the work environment. Barbecue, group bike ride or boat trip on the river – just a few select activities from our broad range of relaxed teambuilding events.
  • Team Spirit for new teams that should get to know each other and bond. This is an event focused on shared positive experience, with the activities concentrating on communication skills, removing the barriers and enhancing mutual trust. Team Spirit is not primarily targeted on developing workplace skills.
  • Teambuilding focused on team education. Unlike Fun Event and Team Spirit, this is an event that concentrates on improving work skills. We emphasize effective team communication, simulating work roles, typology of team members, team creativity or teamwork focused on error.

The form of the teambuilding is then packed with a mix of outdoor and indoor activities such as improvisation workshop that relieves fear of making an error, removes communication blocks, inspires new ideas and teaches you how to work with them further. We prepare all activities with emphasis on spontaneous and authentic content.

Browse through a small selection from our teambuilding activities:

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Indoors Activities

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