EventMemorable anniversaries and public holidays are the perfect chance for throwing a company party that will simply blow you away. It needn’t be too costly, either. With our ideas, you can beat the restrictions of a modest budget. We will design the complete script of a company party and will provide everything a good party should have – an enjoyable program, AV technology, proper catering and hostesses who are able to deal with unexpected issues.

Let us know about the projected parameters of your company party, and we will create a custom-tailored offer for your company straight away.

Why Benchmark Company Party


  • We will provide everything from excellent creativity to a fast cloakroom lady.
  • We will organize a party with any theme you like.
  • We will involve digital media, video projection and social networks.
  • We will prepare original program for the employees as well as for the management.
  • We can provide our own hostesses.

What Types of Parties and Events We Prepare


  • Company anniversary
  • Employee reunion
  • Christmas party
  • Proprietor’s birthday
  • Pirate party
  • Party at a company trip
  • Celebrating a merger
  • Party in company colors

Get Inspired by Company Parties

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